This prize is awarded in memory of John Vincent McLoughlin, KM, MRIA, FFDRCSI, FTCD, PhD (Lond), MA (DU), MSc (NUI), to the candidate with the highest mark in the Diploma examination.

The Vincent McLoughlin prize is a great testimony to Vincent’s beliefs. Throughout his life Vincent encouraged and inspired many students, colleagues, relatives, friends and neighbours to go beyond the limiting boundaries set by themselves and others, and instead to aspire, to believe in themselves and to question everything. One of his favourite quotes was from Vergil’s opening to the Aeneid: ‘Fortunate the person who can discover the causes of things (Felix, qui potest rerum cognoscere causas)’.

Vincent McLoughlin Prize Winners:

2020 Greta Fitzgerald
2019 Ioanna Politi
2018 Nicola Morgan
2017 Michael Donnelly

Vincent McLoughlin Prize

MGDS Session 1
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