Faculty of Dentistry RCSI successfully completes first diet of MFD2 in virtual setting

June 24th 2020

Facing the challenges brought by the current Covid-19 pandemic and conscious of our responsibilities to our local and international candidates, as well as to the dental profession, the Faculty of Dentistry is delighted to report that it has successfully delivered its first diet of the MFD Part 2 in a virtual/online setting.

This first sitting included candidates who were on waiting lists following cancelled examinations earlier this year and included candidates from Ireland, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, India, Pakistan, amongst others. All candidates reported satisfaction with the online process and felt they had no difficulties accessing the examination.

Going forward the Faculty of Dentistry will continue to offer its MFD examinations online. Candidates who register can complete their examinations from their location of choice, including their own homes (the Faculty has developed its own bespoke security and invigilation process to protect the integrity of its examinations). On June 26th we are delivering a diet of our Diploma of Primary Care Dentistry Examination in a similar virtual setting.

The Faculty of Dentistry welcomes applications for future virtual diets of its Diploma of Primary Care Dentistry, MFD Part 1 and MFD Part 2 examinations. Going forward, the Faculty will offer both the Diploma and MFD1 examinations to Ireland-based and international candidates. These examinations are considered equivalent for entry into the MFD2 examination – however the Diploma has more questions based on the practice of clinical dentistry and offers a qualification in its own right. We will hold more diets of our examinations later this summer and into Autumn.

If you are interested in sitting our Diploma, MFD1 or MFD2 examinations online, further details and application information will shortly be available on the Faculty of Dentistry website.