Table of Benefits


Get the most out of your RCSI membership

Through RCSI membership, we provide our Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Affiliates with exclusive access to the Faculty's online self service portal, preferential rates for educational events, access to educational resources and lots more.

Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Affiliates in good standing are eligible for the following benefits:





Recognition & Support Services        
Online portal access        
Internationally recognised postnominals      
Verifications for employment       
Faculty Access Card1      
Education & Professional Development        
Access to Online Learning Hub        
Free entry to CPD Lecture Series (from Autumn 2020)        
Discounted rates for hands-on courses        
Discounted rate for Annual Scientific Meeting        
Pre-sale access for limited attendance events        
e-Den for Dentistry discount        
Access to Case Discussion archive        
Onsite access to RCSI library2      
Regular Faculty e-Newsletters        
Online access to RCSI Alumni Magazine      
Networking opportunities        
Eligibility to join committees3  
Examiner opportunities4    
Eligibility to vote in Board elections5  
Eligibility to apply for Travel/Research Bursary       
Lifestyle & Financial        
Faculty rates for venue hire in RCSI6      
Access to free wifi in RCSI Dublin7      
Access to RCSI campus restaurant/cafe8      
Access to RCSI Travel services and rates      

Note: All of the above benefits are subject to change or withdrawal without notice



1. Provides access to No. 26 York St., with facilities including coffee shop, onsite library and study spaces.

2. Faculty Access Card required.

3. Must be 3 years post-Fellowship, subject to nomination and election to relevant open vacancy.

4. Subject to advertised open vacancy and submission of application fulfilling additional examiner eligibility criteria.

5. Fellows in good standing in Ireland & UK only.

6. Subject to room availability.

7. Onsite visitors only.

8. Faculty Access Card required.