Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (FoDRCSI) Travel/Research Bursary.

Award Name “Faculty of Dentistry RCSI Travel/Research Bursary”

Purpose of the award

  • The FoDRCSI travel/research bursary is intended for the support of a research activity/project carried out by Fellows, Members who are engaged in a postgraduate training programme or who are staff members, trainers or mentors of an academic institution with an affiliation to the FoDRCSI thus enabling them to attend another institution of their choice in connection with their research project.
  • The award can also be granted as a once-off payment to support attendance at international research or professional meetings by Members or Fellows of the FoDRCSI or staff members of affiliated institutions.
  • To part-fund the appointment of a Fulbright Scholar.

Aims of the award

  • To promote collaborative research between institutions in Ireland, EU and worldwide.
  • To encourage and support research carried out by Members and Fellows of the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI worldwide.
  • To inspire greater engagement and participation in the Annual Scientific Meeting of FoDRCSI by Members and Fellows of the Faculty worldwide.


  • Fellows or Members of FoDRCSI enrolled in a postgraduate training programme or who are staff members working in an academic institution(s) that has an affiliation with the FoDRCSI.
  • In the island of Ireland, nominations (a maximum of 2) from the respective Deans of the 3 Dental Schools will only be considered.


There will be a maximum fund of €10,000 in each calendar year. This may be dispersed in a number of ways – namely:

  • In exceptional cases, a once-off maximum amount of €6,000 (in the region of €2,000 per month for a maximum of 3 months) to partly cover costs of flights, travel and subsistence in relation to a planned visit to an institution relevant with a research project.
  • A number of individual once-off payments (maximum €1,000) to cover expenses of attending a research or a professional meeting by eligible candidates.


Interested candidates should submit their application for the award to reach the office of the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI no later than January 1st of each calendar year. Successful applicants will normally be notified by April 1st of that year. Supportive evidence e.g. letter from supervisor, Head of Department, letter of acceptance from the host institution or any supporting documents should be submitted along with a short letter of application detailing the reasons for applying for this award.

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