An online practical based course in 'Effective and Safe Oral Surgery in a Post-Covid World' will be available for 1 week from 5th Dec 2020 with a live, moderated Q&A session to be held on 12th Dec 2020 at 1900 (GMT).



Things have changed. Our approach to practice and the management of your patients has become significantly more difficult in the Covid-19 pandemic. This course offers a pragmatic and practical approach to managing minor oral surgery within the confines imposed on you in the Post Covid World.

Safe and thorough assessment is the key to avoid unnecessary surgery and associated AGPs and when AGPs are necessary, how to manage the surgical task effectively and safely.

This ON-LINE course aims to introduce delegates to these concepts with practical teaching using porcine mandibles. To support your experience further, the course will be available by scheduled broadcast between 5th-12th Dec 2020 so you can access at any time during this period which culminates in a live Q&A session.

We will invite to you submit questions in advance of our scheduled live Q&A on12th Dec at 1900 GMT through our Faculty email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This course has been awarded 4.5 verifiable CPD points and takes approximately 4 hrs to complete.


Course Fees:

  • Registered Diplomates, Members and Fellows in good standing - €200
  • Registered Affiliates in good standing - €250
  • Registered Student Affiliates - €100
  • Others - €300

See our membership site for details of affiliate memberships.


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Effective and Safe Oral Surgery in a Post-Covid World