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The Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is delighted to celebrate 10 years of continued collaboration with New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD).

The Advanced Program for International Dentists in Oral Surgery/RCSI, which commenced in 2009, prepares trainees for the Fellowship examination of the Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI in Oral Surgery with Oral Medicine – FFDRCSI (OSOM).

The three-year, full-time clinical and didactic course of study exposes students to a variety of oral surgery techniques and contemporary modalities of treatment. Students also undertake an integrated program of theoretical, clinical, and laboratory teaching as well as hands-on exposure to more complex oral and maxillofacial surgery at NYUCD affiliate hospitals.

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Upon successful completion of the Oral Surgery/RCSI Program, students receive certification from NYUCD. In addition, the participants become eligible to take Part II of the MFD RCSI examination at the end of year one and the internationally recognized Fellowship of the Faculty of Dentistry (FFDRCSI OSOM) examination in year three.

Further information about the Advanced Program for International Dentists in Oral Surgery/RCSI can be found on the NYU website.


Pictures shown above were taken at the recent diets of FFDRCSI OSOM & MFD RCSI Part 2 held at NYU.

Abrar Demyati, Saudi Arabia, 2016-2019:

I am grateful to be an RCSI Oral Surgery alumnus. During my time in the NYU-RCSI program, I met great people, learned from amazing mentors and had so many memories.  I am delighted to send my best wishes as they celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Shehab Felfel, Libya, 2010-2013

When I began in the NYU Oral Surgery-RCSI program, there were two main factors I had in mind. First, I knew I needed to train at in specialty program with a great history across the nation and around the world. This can be seen through the outstanding oral surgeons who completed NYU’s Oral & Maxillofacial program; some of whom were my faculty. NYU’s RCSI Program definitely fulfills this point. You can experience the direct impact of this by the long list of RCSI graduates in Ireland, Europe, U.S., and the rest of the world. During my time in the RCSI program I had classmates from various parts of the globe. This has given me the unique opportunity to network with colleagues who possess a vast knowledge and experience in the field of Oral Surgery; a field that requires you to be a life-long learner. The fellow residents and faculty members were extremely helpful on a daily basis during my time in the RCSI program.

My second factor was equally crucial, but harder to assess. I needed to train at a program with a group of people who could possibly become some of my best friends and supply a positive learning environment during my three years of training and beyond.  My friends and colleagues from back home advised me to find a program that could provide this type of environment. I realized this is very hard to judge based upon an interview day. Nonetheless, at NYU RCSI, I was genuinely welcomed by everyone I interacted with throughout the day. I realized immediately that I could make New York City a home. My expectations were not wrong. The spirit has continued, as the residents, staff, and faculty turned out to be some of the most pleasant people. All of this combined with the mesmerizing living in the Big Apple made my experience at NYU RCSI program very exceptional.

I now practice in Dubai, UAE, in one of the largest practices in the city (Drs Nicolas And Asp Clinic) I perform all types of Oral surgery procedures. I will be forever grateful to my mentors at NYU for in making me a knowledgeable and confident oral surgeon.

Raed Kadi, Saudi Arabia, 2015-2018

NYUCD/RCSI Oral Surgery program maximized my opportunities and opened my eyes wide to see my future.  

Dr. Mohamed Ilshahuome, 2011-2014, Libya

I am beyond thankful for what NYU-RCSI program provided me during an amazing 3-years of clinical training. I do not know where I would be in my career if I had not made the choice to do this program. The faculty and staff were beyond supportive, and I found ample resources to learn cutting edge technology, to do research, and to be a professional. Thank you to my NYU-RCSI Family.