The Faculty of Dentistry is strongly committed to the development of the dental profession in Ireland and abroad. Mindful of the dramatic changes in dental care delivery in recent years we are delighted to announce that the MGDS examination has been restructured to meet the demands of contemporary dental practice.

Technological development in dentistry has greatly facilitated delivery of patient care. It also has a profound impact on the ongoing education of the profession. However, our patients challenge us to deliver the working dentitions for life that modern society demands, with heightened aspirations of care and unique and sometimes complicated sets of requirements.

The new MGDS examination is centred on the concept of delivering a high standard of integrated care on an individual patient basis. It is as before open to candidates in private dental practice, salaried government positions or the military. If you are just beginning a career in the profession you may wish to demystify the process of delivering and completing a good treatment plan. Or as an established practitioner of more than 10 years you may feel the need to recalibrate your skills in our changing practice environment. If this is so the MGDS could be for you.

Here are some comments from successful candidates and study group members:

"Attaining the MGDS is wonderful but it is the preparation beforehand that is of most value"
"Dentistry made sense for me after I met the challenge and passed the examination"
"A great privilege to have been a member... at the end of each meeting I always leave feeling positive and motivated"
"The depth and breath of all angles of general practice is covered... lively debate with experienced colleagues... ensure confidence in the way I run my practice"
"MGDS we call it real dentistry"

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